Repeal the
Knight Tax


As highlighted by Bryan Caforio, candidate for Congress in California’s 25th District, the Knight Tax will hurt middle-class families in our community in at least 25 different ways.

  1. Eliminates the deduction for state and local taxes, which saves tens of thousands of families in our community thousands of dollars a year
  2. Reduces the tax credit for companies that produce electricity from wind, solar, and other alternative energies
  3. Eliminates the tax credit for hiring disabled veterans
  4. Eliminates the ability of teachers to write off school supplies for their classrooms
  5. Makes dark money political contributions tax deductible, which must make the Koch brothers real happy but further corrupts our democracy
  6. Eliminates the tax credit for hiring unemployed veterans
  7. Caps the mortgage deduction, which affects 40% of homes in our District
  8. Gives a huge tax break to corporations shipping American jobs overseas
  9. Increases the tax rate on the lowest tax bracket
  10. Eliminates a tax credit that has been used to revitalize lower income areas and create more than 750,000 jobs
  11. Blows up the deficit to give a windfall to billionaires and corporations
  12. Taxes employees for the assistance their employers provide them when caring for children or disabled family members
  13. Caps the property tax deduction, making the cost of living in our community even higher
  14. Gets rid of the tax credit small businesses receive for making their offices physically accessible for disabled people
  15. Eliminates the electric vehicle tax credit
  16. Repeals the moving expenses deduction that helps lower the cost of moving for a new job
  17. Makes it even harder for students to dig out of their college debt by eliminating the student loan interest deduction
  18. Eliminates the tax credit for hiring veterans who rely on food stamps to get by
  19. Repeals the estate tax, which gives a $172 billion windfall to 0.02% of Americans
  20. Repeals a deduction that students and parents can use to write off higher education expenses
  21. Eliminates deduction for losses resulting from earthquakes, flooding, and wildfires
  22. Eliminates the tax credit for hiring veterans going through rehab with the VA
  23. Increases college costs for parents and students by adding a tax on endowments
  24. Repeals the employer child care tax credit
  25. Eliminates the medical expense deduction that millions of Americans use when they have to pay for costly healthcare not covered by insurance

Here’s how the Trump tax plan would raise taxes on many middle-income families

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